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March 29, 2017

Ep #59: Manifest 10K - How To Manifest Money Step 2: Abundance Feelings

Ep #59: Manifest 10K - How To Manifest Money Step 2: Abundance Feelings
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Show Notes

00:05 Show introduction

00:37 Cassie Parks introduction

00:44 Thank you for tuning in and that you trust me to guide you down this path of welcoming more money into your life without struggle so you can build your business easier and quicker

1:04 Step 3 in manifesting money: Focus on what you want

1:13 Simplest things and one of the hardest things, when you master focusing on what you want, that is what grows

2:32 Where you put your attention is what you get more of

2:45 Put focus on what you want and where you want it to be

3:00 I get to do a full Double Your Business Workshop this weekend where I get to take 5 participants to meet their future self

4:08 This foundation was created when I started working my money mindset

5:05 My favorite thing are to serve my clients in all the ways I do it, having a business that flows money and clients quicker and easier and welcoming money and I know that is why you are here.

5:43 Go through the process of $10,000 as it is foundational to my business

6:00 Taking your business to a new financial level

6:28 Have money come in in a way that feels easy and free, while being in control of my time

7:40 If you love this season of the podcast, I’d love it if you go to http://manifest10000book.com and preorder your copy of the book to help this book get on more bookshelves, come back to the page, put in your information and I’ll send you a complimentary copy

8:48 You get your copy now and get your purchased book in the mail

9:09 Thank you to those people who purchased the book

9:58 Step 3: Focusing on what you want

10:15 So often people focus on what they don’t want

10:37 If you want to join the Manifest 10K group you can go to http://manifest10k.com and join the group; I spend time working on changing where your focus is because the more you see money you will see it as possible for you

11:11 People often want to go from ‘not enough’ to ‘more than enough’ and what happens is you have to stop at enough

11:28 Acknowledge what you already have

11:46 Look around in your life right now and appreciate everything you do have

12:04 Socks: you most likely have enough socks or more than enough

12:53 Focus on what you want and that will expand

13:25 I love my Jeep

15:06 It was the $266 extra dollars a month $3192 more a  year, five years now, I'll have $15,960 to invest

16:29 Lash on to what you want and how much more extra money coming into my life