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April 12, 2017

Ep #61: Manifest 10K - How to Allow Money Into Your Life

Ep #61: Manifest 10K - How to Allow Money Into Your Life

Show Notes: 

00:05 Show Introduction

00:37 Cassie Parks Introduction

00:45 Thanks for taking me along with you wherever you are

1:04 I know you are listening so you can welcome more money into your life easier and quicker without the struggle

1:10 Today we will talk about how to allow more money into your life

1:44 Love what I do, I like working with my clients most and feeling very fortunate for this

2:34 Step into your future self and get a clear picture of who you are at my workshop, you can reach me here for more info on this.

3:04 Get some support and find a coach or mentor to help you build a bridge to where you want to go.  

04:28 Feeling stuck and frustrated

4:45 If you are loving this season of the podcast, please preorder Manifest $10,000 for yourself or give it away as a great way to show your support for this podcast

5:36 Allowing more money into your life

6:00 Last episode, we talked about the farmer getting the soil ready, plant the seeds and then they trust that they are going to grow.

7:11 Your goal as a manifester is like that of the farmer, learn to trust

7:50 This process is why I created Manifest 10K Course to provide you step-by-step support where you can see examples and stories of people manifesting money

8:48 Allow and accept the goodness or you don’t - goodness, compliment and money

9:20 Do something that elicits compliments exercise and receive it (practice becoming a good receiver)

10:25 Story: Aaron - raised not to accept things so as to not take from others but this took away the joy from the giver and the receiver

11:34 Do you deflect receiving?

12:03 Start being a better receiver, this is foundational for allowing more money into your life

12:11 Exercise in Manifest 10K Course - football has a quarterback and a receiver, if it is close to you, it was meant for you

13:18 Close your eyes and visualize the ball coming into you and then visualize the ball being money

15:15 Practice allowing all money, goodness, gifts, free stuff and compliments in

16:29 More is coming to you every time your receive

17:33 Manifest 10K Success: A participant shared her paycheck is double what is was when she started the work

18:29 Mantra: I am a good receiver

19:08 Show closing

19:34 End