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April 26, 2017

Ep #63: Manifest 10K - How To Change Your Money Mindset

Ep #63: Manifest 10K - How To Change Your Money Mindset
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Show Notes: 

00:05 Show introduction

00:37 Cassie Parks introduction

00:48 How to manifest money - if you have just joined us, welcome and if you love it I would love it if you left a review and if you are a long time fan of the Happily Ever After Show, I would love it if you left a review on iTunes because it helps more people find the show and odds are if you are loving it someone else is going to too

1:11 This season is based on my book Manifest $10,000 which is coming out in bookstores May 16, 2017

1:34 Go into your local bookstores and if you don’t see it, ask them to order it in

1:45 You are here because you want to be the person who welcome more money into your life and as an entrepreneur this is foundational to your success and growing your business to the next level

2:03 At each level comes more money - ideally, making more profit

2:29 Money mindset is foundational for entrepreneurs

3:14 If you want to get my forthcoming book Manifest $10,000 you can grab it soon in your local bookstore or pre-order it from an online retailer and it will be shipping soon

3:40 Consider buying one and giving it away as a gift

3:47 Creating your money persona, it is who you are going to become

4:25 Going deeper with my clients and deep dive into their future self and step in a bigger way and create more of the life they want

5:15 Want to become like someone else?

6:00 Money persona versus money blueprint

7:09 Your money persona is the characterization of who you desire to be in terms of money

8:16 Complete person you are stepping into

8:42 Guide to engage and interact with the world, how does she respond?

10:00 Living in the beingness of your money personal is easier than trying to be someone else

10:15 Money persona is a stepping stone to your future self, it is the foundation of that

10:37 The Manifest 10K course is the groundwork for how to manifest money

11:12 You can integrate your money persona into your future self

11:40 Beingness versus doing

12:10 Character for a TV show, what would they look like further out when you are manifesting hundreds of thousand of dollars

13:14 You don’t want to start creating your money personal before you have created your money manifesting momentum

13:42 Perspective: I overlook downtown Denver and I can see things that I could never see on the ground

16:08 Same thing happens when you create your money beliefs and persona in the middle of the process, you can see things that you di