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May 9, 2017

Ep #64: Manifest 10000 - How To Experience Abundance

Ep #64: Manifest 10000 - How To Experience Abundance
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Show Notes:

00:01 Show Introduction

00:21 Cassie Parks introduction

00:30 Prepping for book launch - in a few weeks you’ll be able to go into a bookstore and buy my book

00:54 Changing the name to this podcast soon

2:05 There is a process to move through as we grow and sometimes it shows up physically

3:46 Learn to not get upset or wound about things but look at where are you not honoring yourself

6:35 I know you want to welcome more money into your life without that struggle so that you can build your business quicker and easier

6:43 How to become the person who has money

6:54 If you have read Manifest $10,000 or pre-ordered - thank you! If you have not go to Amazon.com, Barnes and Noble, Target.com or Books a Million and grab yours today and you’ll get it soon

7:34 Mark your calendar for May 16th so you can buy the book when it comes out because this will help it hit Best Seller and it is fun to have everyone go do it on the same day

8:03 Changing the format of the show too - sharing stories of people who changed their business and manifested more money

8:30 Belief amping - how you amp up your beliefs so your brain believes you can welcome more money

8:45 Seek out stories of people who have manifested money

9:05 Last episode we discusses created your new money persona and how important it is

10:05 Integrating your money persona into your life and stepping into the experience

10:22 Decide who your money persona is but want to changing your physical reality to signal your brain there has been a change

11:17 Change your physical reality, this is a shortcut to your money persona

12:09 If you don’t go through all the phases, you might experience more resistance than those who have done the work

13:01 You don’t have to have a lot of money to tap into your money persona as a signal that things are changing

13:44 Practice as if you did/were (coffee shop, walk around a neighborhood, different grocery store, fancy restaurant bar, put best clothes where you see them all the time, research trips that you will go on, etc.)

18:00 Tap into those experiences more as if doing them every day

18:42 Clean out stuff that future self doesn’t love

21:06 Change your outer experience changes your physical reality