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May 25, 2017

Ep #67 Manifest 10000 - Interview with Eliza Fayle

Ep #67 Manifest 10000 - Interview with Eliza Fayle

Show Timing: 

00:01 Show introduction

00:20 Cassie Parks introduction

00:23 Manifesting $10,000 in 24-hours after reading the book Manifest $10,000

00:36 Who is Eliza Fayle?

01:52 Her journey as a manifestor thus far from childhood to age 54

03:49 Playing small in manifesting up to this point

04:46 Are you really good at asking for parking spots or one client when you could step into the realm of having a full client load?

05:05 Found Manifest $10,000 book through a mutual friend who shared the book with her

05:50 Manifest $10,000 is a quick read and a practical guide as to get to A to Z. Manifest $10,000 was meant to be able to be read in a quick airplane ride and so it can be easily implemented

06:35 Manifest $10,000 book ah-hah: Play Big and results were shocking by breaking a self-imposed ceiling of what was possible to manifest

07:41 Eliza’s results: Bought a house that needed all new high-end appliances and needed furniture, shopping the next day and we had the money in the bank to pay full price and we had the money for it but we saved $10,000 in one shopping trip which is equivalent to manifesting $10,000

9:19 How it happened: We pulled into the complex of shops and there wasn’t a parking stop so we parked in front of another store and saw a huge one-day only massive sale sign so we decided to go in there first.

10:09 Got all our furniture (except for the stove), all appliance, Sears card and got the microwave for free all in Sears and we had no intention of going into Sears

10:35 Directed to park there and see that sign, we are open to signs and remain open to opportunities

10:58 High end stove massively on sale and ceramic barbeque (which he was going to wait for) and we got that too.

11:22 Still had $10,000 cash in the bank

11:27 Received a phone call from the owner of the new home asking if we wanted to buy any of her furniture and we were short a living room, patio set and bar stools

12:05 When you are in alignment with the $10,000, you are put where you need to be

12:41 Manifestors will turn down the path of it’s not working because it looks different than what they thought

12:48 Listen to intuition - When you are somewhere, act upon it

13:45 Suffered from Money Anxiety Disorder (MAD) - afraid there would never be enough money

15:58 There is enough money, always has been and always will be and I am allowed to ask for more

16:00 This belief is freeing and allows me to say yes to things

16:19 Said yes, and money just showed up the next day from an unexpected source and it covered the flight cost