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May 31, 2017

Ep #68: Manifest 10000 - There is More Than Enough, Maggie McReynolds

Ep #68: Manifest 10000 - There is More Than Enough, Maggie McReynolds

Show Notes: 

00:01 Show introduction

00:20 Cassie Parks introduction

00:22 Maggie McReynolds manifested more than $20,000 in her first go with Manifest $10K, more time, more freedom and has continued to grow, expand and has a new book coming out May 18, 2017

00:42 Un-settling is her new book, if you know a divorced mom who is worried about what they are modeling for their kids, this is the book to get

00:56 Welcome Maggie

1:05 $10,000 photo shoot

1:28 Super OK life before Manifest $10K and wrapped up in the story that she had enough money but could not see where that helped her plateau

2:11 If some big expense came up, I was sure I could find the money for it but conversely, if I came into some money, a big expense would come up

2:32 I was working in a job that was OK, but not my life purpose

2:50 I was OK in life but I knew there was more for me, that is why I signed up for Manifest $10K

2:57 Why can’t there be more than enough?

3:25 Abundance turned up for me in a bunch of unexpected ways

3:41 Got a completely different job that paid more than $20,000

4:00 Money can come in anyway

5:40 I got more than enough money and more than enough time too

5:50 Our money story plays out everywhere in our life not just in your money

6:07 Biggest takeaway from Manifest $10K: Act from your future self

7:42 What did you think about debt before? Shame, guilt, imposter syndrome now I can see it as an investment in me with returns

9:00 Time wasn’t allocated to worry anymore instead I could focus on joyful things

10:01 Have a spirit of play with it at first and play with what I’d do with the money I had - travel itineraries, amazon wish lists, neighborhoods we liked, restaurant happy hour, test drive the car, entertaining - lived as if

12:15 Un-settling: How to help your kids by making and modeling an amazing life after divorce

12:50 The act of choosing divorce is the choice to stop settling (you or your kids), it is a huge, brave leap

14:17 The best energy is stepping into that un-settling woman that it took to choose divorce. Kids look to and watch their mom’s to know it is going to be OK and better than OK

15:40 Kids are naturals at this, they have an amazing sense of play already

17:02 Why did you Manifest 10K LIVE? Energy is always magnified when you gather like-minded people in one physical place

18:30 The power of your future self - Maggie did twice the work in half the time (in essence, doubled her income)