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June 7, 2017

Ep #69 - Manifest 10000 - Mom Graduated From Survival Mode and Manifested $14K+

Ep #69 - Manifest 10000 - Mom Graduated From Survival Mode and Manifested $14K+
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Show Notes: 

00:01 Show introduction

00:20 Cassie Parks introduction

00:24 Interview with Michele Reynolds has manifest over $14K in 90 days once she owned her money stuff

1:00 Money story prior to getting support: I am not worthy of receiving new money

1:17 A lot of things and people in your life that supported that like being told “you can’t manage money”, “You make unwise decisions”, etc.

1:43 Michele’s businesses - Wakaya Perfection and CEO of a virtual assistant network

3:15 MIchele was working so hard and there was no money to show for that

3:20 Her pattern was to shift energetically to something better versus fixing her money mindset and thoughts around money

4:52 The amount of money she made was always at the same money thermometer level

5:11 Manifest 10K, Manifest $10K LIVE and coaching

5:43 Ever tried to Manifest 10K before? Yes, 14 times.

6:52 So often, you need a coach

8:05 There were other things in her life that had this same stopping pattern and you helped me stop the self-sabotaging behavior

9:06 Single mom who graduated from survival mode

10:23 Know there is always more money coming

11:03 Can’t always see our story was until you are on the other side of it.

11:31 Survivor from 25-years of survival mode

11:43 Her surroundings were nice - nice home, food, clothes, new car, enough money but her internal message said “There is not enough”

12:56 What happens in your head will create your experience even if it is really not true

13:18 Now she works less hours and makes more money

15:00 You will create a way to have to survive as far as your business

15:36 Went through her budget and rid unnecessary expenses and now makes decisions based on a budget

16:19 Residual income increased seven times extra because she fixed her money mindset

17:00 Manifested more than $14,297 in the last 90 days

17:33 Look at the Manifest 10K material, read it, touched it, but didn’t do it!

18:33 Body, mind and spirit will not go where you don’t know that there is a place to catch you

19:09 Michele is the type of person that learns best with support and hands-on experience because it happens faster

19:57 Advice: Try once and if not successful, get help right then

20:25 New money story: “Money manifesting guru”

21:17 Making decisions on what I truly know now

21:33 Dreaming big dreams

21:49 What is the difference betweening wanting vs. I will own - There is a surety that comes with knowing I have the mindset to draw this stuff into my world, this or something better