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June 14, 2017

Ep #70 - Manifest 10000 - How $10 Can Change Your Life with Lindsey Rainwater

Ep #70 - Manifest 10000 - How $10 Can Change Your Life with Lindsey Rainwater
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Show Notes: 

00:01 Show introduction

00:20 Cassie Parks introduction

00:24 Interview with Lindsey Rainwater who together with her husband, Corey, manifested $10,000 in the Manifest 10K Online Program

00:38 Talk about her experience attending Manifest 10K LIVE and what happened after that

00:56 Lindsey is a Spiritual Grandeur and Higher Self Integration Expert because her focus is helping women who feel that they have more inside of them that is coming out

2:01 She had a meditation where she met her future self and she was right there, just outside of herself but when she touched base with her, she stop worrying so much so now she teaches others how to tap into this

3:48 Learn what Lindsey did for work prior to this.

4:49 Experience with money was rocky prior to Manifest 10K - Lindsey’s family had money and were comfortable but where we lived made her question the integrity of money

6:00 Held a money is dangerous belief

6:15 Crash in 2008 hit the construction industry, solidified money is fickle and you can not depend on it and it was not always there for her - want it, need it, didn’t trust it

7:49 Manifesting experience prior  - always manifested food when short on money but didn't’ realize I was manifesting then

10:07 Getting things and money is hard

10:51 We all get money stories from birth on

11:27 Why did you join Manifest 10K? Met you through Facebook as an acquaintance. Knew she had the power to bring things in but manifesting isn’t something she knew how to do

13:48 She was at a point of “there was nothing to lose” by doing this program and it was an attractive idea

14:33 Manifested a very nice grill the day after she decided to manifest a grill - showed her the power of a big intention and what she really wanted

17:57 In Manifest 10K, we work on holding that big space for what people really want

18:12 Manifesting $10,000 was funny because I didn't see it at first

19:10 My husband started setting intentions to make more money than he had ever made

20:06 The Universe is so cool in how it brings things into your life - so don’t miss how it delivers what you want

20:52 Life can appear as if “Oh it is not working” when it is actually working

21:40 Truck needed repair and met a mechanic that had associates that gave Corey new work which was a more ideal situation and a substantial raise overnight which surpassed the financial goal he had set

23:35 The truck breaking was a blessing

25:10 Two years ago we were going without things that we wanted

25:42 Having money to buy the things we want is fun and we are able to make other choices

27:55 Additional