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June 24, 2017

Ep #71: Demand What You Want From The Universe!

Ep #71: Demand What You Want From The Universe!

Show Notes:

00:01 Show Intro

00:20 Cassie Parks Introduction

00:24 Interview with Elle Russ who is a Podcaster of Primal Blueprint Podcast

00:46 Elle is a coach too and is a good manifestor, who retired at age 23 where she could pursue her dreams

1:35 Pursued dreams of acting and writing, sketch comedy, sitcoms, improv and a documentary but suffered from hypothroidism and couldn’t get the medical help she needed

2:02 Wrote a book from that experience, The Paleo Thyroid Solution

2:40 Investing your own money into your entrepreneurial ventures, so had spent so much money and I spiraled down

3:55 Start at the basics and manifest a cup of coffee that day

4:13 Found you at Law of Attraction Network with Ginny and your show, and through that I learned about Manifest $10K course for $1

4:34 Part of me wanted some money back for all the money I had spent (even $2500)

4:49 Loved your Manifest 10K course and the small tips that are generating the simple things

5:23 Manifested $2200 in 60 days

5:35 A few unexpected things happened - felt bad about not looking at my finances, so when I took ownership, I had an auto deduct for $1500 that was refunded for a yoga class I thought I cancelled

7:38 Moved to a new area and I needed a portable air conditioner for $300 and a friend said they had two and would sell it to her for $300 which was better

8:56 It happened so easy, there was no resistance to getting it

9:45 When I retired at 23, it was lonely as none of my friends had that kind of freedom

10:00 I am so grateful for the freedom and abundance to do what I want when I want

10:26 Money is freedom. It is what gives you power to be, do and have the experiences that you want

10:48 Once you have money freedom, you can create more and more abundance

10:53 You can do things that others would not be able to do

11:58 Even when you are good at manifesting, you can get into the “not feel so good” if you don’t change your energy and focus

12:14 Manifested Manifest 10K course months before I quit my job, I felt like money was flying out the window

12:37 I knew this had to get under control, the first part is noticing that you feel that shift or change in energy

13:16 Great for people know how to manifest too and get back to basics of generating the feelings and gratitude

13:54 Get clear about what you want - a lot of people are brainstorming about what they’d be good at not what they want to do (when you can be good at a hundred things but you may not want to do any of those things)

14:56 Not a logical thing to get into the feeling, it is magic

15:22 Create your own reality and using intention to create your dreams

15:27 If anyone needs clarity or signs o