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July 19, 2017

Ep #72: Are You Putting It Out There? Plus Size Model Does LOA

Ep #72: Are You Putting It Out There? Plus Size Model Does LOA
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00:01 Show Intro

00:20 Cassie Parks Introduction

00:23 Interview with Mel Parrish

00:41 Mel Parrish’s superpower is that she is a risk taker and that is what makes her amazing.

1:27 Mel is a plus size model and blog about body positivity

1:50 Come from a conservative background, so sharing with the larger world in a non-private space was a huge deal

3:18 Manifest $10K junkie - taken the course 3 or 4 times; the last time she had a manifesting win from a booking that had a long time to come through

5:14 There are a lot of people who are worried what other people will think about Law of Attraction

6:58 Manifesting experience - LOA only a few months before I found your book but had been unknowingly been manifesting (career change from Naval Officer to Model) but not conscious before

8:34 Become. Claim that you want.

9:00 Mel is a “how” junkie, loves a strategy, plan, etc but has chosen use the tools Cassie teaches to slow down and let go like scripting, journaling and visualizing

9:49 Day 24 - Go back to this process all the time “howing” vs becoming. “I am going to stay in becoming and not go down in howing.”

10:50 Great modeling job and check was not showing up and in the place of “how” did I create this? Emailed and asked what doing wrong. Followed the process. Celebrated other people.

11:39 How does cheerleading reduce “howing” and increase becoming? Activate that part of you that gathers evidence and allows you to be your future self when you celebrate what others you are achieving

12:20 Prior money story “Hot Mess Train Wreck”

13:09 Once you put your money into a house

13:23 Cleaning up my act with money has been some left brain stuff like learning about money but the other part has been addressing my spiritual needs in a better way

13:45 Money Story Now: Expansion always and always.

14:32 Million Dollar Listing - see what other’s want and get it over and over again

15:04 Tap into other’s confidence

15:38 Seeing things in action allow you try to be that way or something similar too (a different way to learn the lesson)

16:28 Spiritual entertainment - consuming book after book but not putting it into action.

16:59 Understand, believe and go do it

17:21 I did not have the “becoming” beforehand. Took the steps to become

18:02 How do I become? Do things, can’t think it, can’t “how” it

18:50 Becoming has been a discovery process of how much of my future live I already live.

19:10 It is already here which helps you stop reaching

19:25 Nothing repels success like lack and desperation.19:35 It is like when you realize, “I have the enchiladas, I just need the cilantro and sour cream.”

21:11 How d