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July 26, 2017

Ep #73: Maria Went From “I Can Do Poor” To “I Can Do Wealthy”

Ep #73: Maria Went From “I Can Do Poor” To “I Can Do Wealthy”
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Show Notes: 

Old money story: I Can Do Poor

Current money story: I Can Do Wealthy


00:01 Show Intro

00:20 Cassie Parks Introduction

00:23 Maria Wolf expanded her money mindset during the Manifest $10K Course

00:47 What makes you amazing? Person who wants to be the best I possibly can and embrace new challenges. I am up for it and becoming a better me

1:42 Prior money story - kept telling the Universe keep giving me poverty

2:53 Vacuumed up money in the past vs. picking it up (money is rubbish and I can just throw it away)

3:38 Money is the root of all evil; vow of poverty to be spiritual

4:04 Acknowledged I can be a good person and have money and do a lot more good with money

4:42 Old story didn’t serve you but there was a time that made it OK and we just get stuck in that

5:08 New money story

5:42 When I started the course, I looked at my wallet, and the lining was ripped and I saw it with new eyes and I chose a grown up purse. Had to buy the wallet for money to come to it. Enjoy the practical tools that come with the course

6:58 How do you feel when you use it? Every time I use it I am reminded I am someone who has money and I can do wealthy

7:54 Prework share: Had to have a new notebook and Maria shared her pre-work and all those things are true

9:16 Wanted to take a family on a vacation but I have managed so many other things with them and have been able to take care of them in different instances

10:11 Family history of money (hiding, don’t feel good and women did not ask men about money or spoken of)

13:00 Didn’t ask you to fix old money stories

13:30 Manifest $10K - you get out of it how much you put in

14:03 Scripting - need to get into this as a daily routine

14:33 Send letters with a pen pal from the US as my future self

15:34 Did you have Law of Attraction people in your life? No

15:47 What was it like to have a group where you can share whatever you want as far as how money is showing up in your life and connect with others who are doing the same? Lovely to see how others are doing, see their evidence and see how doing their homework

16:27 What we filter, we see more of - Facebook group reminds me to do what I needed to do

17:13 Taught to value my time by making room for money to come in so at work as a nurse, I cut hours by 2 ½ hours a week and work more upfront so have every Friday off now

21:20 Confident that I’ll get that money back from those 2 ½ hours less? I just knew it would be ok and it has been

21:54 What are you teaching your granddaughter and 3 grandsons? You are good at manifesting money and look how easy money flows to you! Belief: I attract money

22:54 A friend at wor