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Aug. 3, 2017

Ep #74: 5 Easy Keys To Change Your Money Story

Ep #74: 5 Easy Keys To Change Your Money Story
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Show Notes: 

00:01 Show Intro

00:20 Cassie Parks Introduction

00:30 I know you are here because you want to welcome more money into your life and release the struggle

00:50 You can’t grow your business if you can’t allow more money into your life

1:05 Thank you for listening and being here. If you love it go comment on iTunes and email how the show has impacted your life

1:59 Today we are going to talk about “How to change your money story”

2:14 Changing your money story is everything

3:00 Served over 2,000 people in Manifest $10K course so I am able to the process of money mindset differently now

4:38 The thing I love about business is that you get to learn about yourself in the process - it is about the next step and the journey

4:43 I have had some requests to write a sequel to Choose Me, my novela that I launched in January 2017

5:03 The things you learn while you are in business are incredible and encourages you to grow

5:29 Changes to Manifest $10K - closing the door on the pay after you manifest option

5:56 You have to do what you know is right for you in business - people always have an opinion

6:23 I own 100% of my choices, intuition, gut and nudges from my future self

6:44 Inner guidance will tell you what is the next step

7:05 I want my work to change your direction and your money story

7:44 More than 50% don’t get past day 5 - if you are not doing it, you are not having success

8:11 Most often I say something in the coaching process that opens the door with those who have been super successful

9:56 Created a complimentary 5-Day Change your Money Story Challenge with 379 and manifested over $15,000 in 5 days

10:56 Changing your money story is what happens when you set the intention to manifest something like $10,000

11:19 It is the journey that changes the story

11:49 Become the person that is worthy of money

12:05 Started becoming the version of myself that had, did or was whatever she wanted (future self), that is when everything changed

12:53 5 Keys to changing your money story

13:24 The story you tell today is the life you live tomorrow

14:01 Somethings change on a dime with a decision and some things are a process

14:37 Key 1: Stop looking for limiting belief blocks and things you need to fix

15:20 You can’t keep fixing yourself into success

15:37 Step into the successful version of yourself however you can do it today, where you are, and those things will get fixed along the way

15:48 Changing your money story comes from stepping into a new story

16:05 You have to meet people where they are

16:18 Writing a new money story always works better than fixing the current one

16:22 You become successful when you write a new story

16:32 The more you identify blocks, limiting beliefs, or problems with your story, the more you are creating them.

16:46 Creating your money story is important because it ripples out into every part of your life

15:54 When you write a new money story you are writing a whole new direction for your life

17:16 Key 2: Only tell the story you want to be true

17:27 Lead and stay in the story you want to live more of tomorrow

18:05 Stop telling the story, justifying and explaining and lead with the story you want more of and stay in that story

18:27 When you lead with “I found $10 today but I had a $8 bank charge” you are telling the story that whatever money comes into your life gets cancelled out

18:43 Stay in the story you want to be true

18:45 Starve the energy of your old story by not talking about it

19:29 Do I want to be living more of this story tomorrow?

19:45 Key 3: Keep your story simple.

19:55 Less is actually more - tell your story with fewer words