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Aug. 9, 2017

Ep #75: Lynn Went From Money Chaser to Fabulous Money Manifestor

Ep #75: Lynn Went From Money Chaser to Fabulous Money Manifestor

Show Notes: 

00:01 Show Intro

00:20 Cassie Parks Introduction

00:24 Lynn Owens, Lifestyle Support Coach who went from frustrated to fabulous

1:04 Old Story: Tried everything to manifest time and financial freedom from MLM, digital franchises, perfect jobs online and I was chasing and not open. I was physically tired and had some major health issues and all of my chasing and being tired and not loving myself led to many of the health issues because I wasn’t loving me.

2:46 Cat chasing it’s tail is a great analogy - as humans, our chasing that looks different but it feels the same

3:13 Self inflicted self torture was not the place of manifestation so I manifested more self torture, feeling bad and more tired and worn out

3:50 Looked like I had it together but I was physically tired and a wreck, it was the chase that I was doing

4:33 I didn’t understand about energy or how to do law of attraction but chasing doesn’t work

5:00 Physical exhaustion can lead to breakdowns in our body and causes major health issues

5:44 Manifested but didn’t enjoy it, it was as if I had shiny object syndrome with no gratitude or appreciation

6:25 No appreciation for a penny which stops your flow and when no appreciation it is like going upstream

8:16 I had to learn how to relax, love myself, be in the flow and trust that it was coming even though I didn’t know how it was coming to me

8:31 I was the detail-oriented person that knew how it all worked before this

9:00 Learning to release all of this and started doing that with the kids

9:18 When I started “just going” with my kids - it was like something was lifted off of you and you are having fun, laughing and enjoy

10:14 Never been adventurous but this summer has been great - we make up the rules as we go and enjoy ourselves

10:56 How much were you enjoying life in the chase? Zero, had a lot to be thankful for but didn’t realize what I had

11:29 Now I stop and smell all the roses, I enjoy my family, I enjoy me, and it makes everything so much better because you savor and enjoy it

11:52 Recently lunch by myself with my cell in airplane mode and watched people but years ago would have disconnected from the experience, playing games on my phone

13:04 You lack appreciation by being in chase mode

13:35 Began to recognize all that I was thankful for and why I was thankful for them

13:55 I remember a time when you had a VIP Day Photo Shoot and you received a compliment from the photographer “You are gorgeous” and you said, “Thank you”  and the photographer commented “You can also take a compliment well” and you responded “I have learned it is ok to be fabulous”

14:41 For years I spent my life chasing so when someone recognized me I would dim my light but I have grown to know when we dim our lights we don’t serve the world

16:05 Allowing your light to shine allows others lights to shine