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Sept. 20, 2017

Ep #81: Getting Dressed Has Never Been So Easy with Lee Hayward

Ep #81: Getting Dressed Has Never Been So Easy with Lee Hayward
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Getting Dressed Has Never Been So Easy!


Lee Heyward, Author of Strategically Suited, is a Image Strategist and Stylist and today we are going to talk about image, your future self and investing in your clothes.  


What is an Image Consultant? Lee helps you use your image to get the specific strategically result you want.


Dress For Success

What does this really mean? Most people’s closets have segment - work clothes, play clothes, workout clothes, speaking clothes, etc. (or whatever your segments are) instead of figuring out who you are and then dressing that way in all those scenarios of your life.


It comes down to two things:  1)focusing on who you want to be and 2) how do you want to feel.


One thing that Lee recommend is picking 3 words that describe how you want to feel in a moment that matters. What this does is help you with a new awareness to look for clothes that make you feel these ways. Choosing your words helps you be disciplined to buy those things that make you feel the way you want to.


This ties into what I teach my clients about their future self and tapping into their 3 feelings of who they want to be so throwing in how you feel about how you dress is perfect.


Does Dressing How You Want To Feel Have To Be Expensive?


It does not need to be expensive, but how your clothes look and it is perceived need to match the client you want. When a person comes to me and says, “I am going to change your life and charge you $100K to to it”, there is a mismatch when you are wearing all clothes from Target. This might make people question the value you bring and people might not want to take a risk on you.


You need to look like someone has paid you what you are asking.


Know Your Cost Per Wear

Think about why people go shopping: 1) fun, social thing 2) you need something. Here are Lee’s 4 steps at determining cost/wear:


  1. Look for thing you can wear to your event or occasion.
  2. Ask how many times you will wear it or how many different ways you can wear it.
  3. Take the total cost divided by that number = cost per wear.
  4. Sometimes more expensive items is a better investment than the $20 thing you wear once and give away three weeks later.


Most people go to the clearance rack and be like “It is on sale”, but they don’t love the items they buy. It isn’t about the amount, it is about the hunt for the perfect thing for you.


It will then become about strategy and how you will use that item(s) in your closet:

  1. How quickly can you get dressed in it.
  2. How is it going to help you portray yourself.


Be Purposeful and Patient In Your Shopping


You can still shop at your favorite store, like TJ Maxx but you have to be purposeful in what you pick out. Don’t just fill your shopping bag to fill y