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Sept. 27, 2017

Ep #82: Jennifer’s Life Went From Money Worrier To Abundant Manifestor

Ep #82: Jennifer’s Life Went From Money Worrier To Abundant Manifestor
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Jennifer Hooper is Holistic Health Coach and Mom from Bangor, Maine.


Old Money Story: Life Was Fine, But Worried About Not Having Enough

New Money Story: Life Is Abundant and Keeps Getting Better


One really important thing to Jennifer is to be the example to her children.


Live, Behave and Act In A Matter That Your Loved Ones Will Model


Jennifer has set the example for her two amazing teenagers, who are learning the Law of Attraction with her.


In fact, one of them just moved into her first new home and in working on manifesting $5,000 using the principles in the Manifest $10,000 book.


This same daughter decided she wanted to work at a fine dining restaurant, so she identified the one she wanted to work at, offered to work a day for free and at the end of the shift, she was offered the job. Her move was delayed by one month, so they did not end up hiring her. She found a second restaurant she wanted which had a better schedule, more money per hour and it is predictable. Her attitude is “something better is going to come along”.


Life Will Take You Where You Need To Be


Have You Ever Had “No Idea” Where You Connected With Someone? Jennifer has been a client for one year but we have no idea where we connected. She says she started getting emails from me but has no memory of signing up for anything. Overtime, she scheduled a call with me.


Is This Your LOA Story Too?


Jennifer learned about LOA years before and she wanted to believe it. She followed this path:

  • Watched the Secret
  • Watched What the Bleep Do We Know
  • Found Abraham Hicks
  • Saw Mike Dooley
  • Jennifer thought, “If this is true, this is really awesome”. However,  there was doubt that got in her way so she wasn’t always successful because she doubted herself. This created a lack of constant energy and lots of start/stops along the journey because she didn’t see success.
  • Jennifer kept going on her LOA journey because she believed it COULD work even if she wasn’t doing it well.


Learn Why Jennifer Said Yes To Being A Client


Jennifer decided she could afford to take a risk on signing up for a workshop because it didn’t cost that much and she knew she needed help. She knew she needed to create more successful results. Overall she was concerned about price, money and lack but this fit for her.


Jennifer’s Life Was Fine


She had a great life. Nice house, great kids, survived a divorce that she felt OK about, she had a secure job that paid her bills.


Jennifer’s parents worried about money and her husband always worried about money even though they always had enough.


She remembers a time in her past when she was shopping at WalMart and not being able to afford something tha