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Oct. 4, 2017

Ep #83: Jill Went From Scarcity to $6K Running Coach With A Tribe

Ep #83: Jill Went From Scarcity to $6K Running Coach With A Tribe
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Jill Angie is the “Not Your Average Runner” Founder and Coach.


Jill was the first person to go through my workshop and she doubled her business in 10 days because she stepped into the person who made a difference and inspired the people who she wanted to inspire and was able to write emails from that inspired place. It became easy and effortless to sell out her program.


At times you step into a version of yourself because you need to know you can do it.


Old Money Story No One Will Pay For This at $398/year!

New Money Story $6K Running Coach Builds A Tribe




Not Your Average Runner is for women who haven’t considered themselves athletic, are in the 40-50 age range and want to rid extra weight and feel more confident, happier and healthier. Her clients may feel like running is not within their grasp. Jill helps them change their life as a life coach, running coach and personal trainer. Jill helps people change things through the eyes of running.




My favorite quote from Jill Angie is this, “If you run, you are a runner.”


Many people think running has to look a certain way - as far a speed, size of your body, etc. but only 5-10 % of the running population look like they just came off of Running Magazine’s cover.  In fact, most people who run do so at different speeds, have different body shapes, some of us run/walk, etc. Running is basically faster than a walk.


This same concept applies to what we do here to on the More Money Show. If you manifest money at all, you are a money manifestor.


Let’s find out what has happened with Jill in the last two years.




In 2013, Jill wrote the book “Running with Curves” and she was doing personal training from her Philadelphia home. The book is about how you can start running in the body you have right now. Women started reading the book and emailing her and finding her on Facebook that Jill had changed their life.


She was pleasantly surprised and wondered what she could really do with it.


For most of 2014 she wondered how she could incorporate this into her business.


She started working with a business coach who told Jill she should start a year long program and Jill thought that was a terrible idea that no one would do. She told the coach, “No one would ever pay for that”.  The coach encouraged her to try anyway.


Eventually Jill launched this very underpriced program at $398/year plus a free retreat. Jill lost a ton of money on her first program but she sold it out. What Jill learned from this was how to launch a program, what worked in that business model, what she liked and what she didn’t, and who her ideal client was.  This was an investment in her confidence, skills and ability as a coach.


She wanted to sell it for thousands of dollars but her money mindset and worth as a coach kept her from that. She raised the price over the next few months and a year later, she easily sold the same program for $6,0