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Nov. 1, 2017

Ep #87: How Nancy Manifested $10K & The Courage To Start Her Business

Ep #87: How Nancy Manifested $10K & The Courage To Start Her Business
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Nancy Vickery is a mother and grandma with very blessed life! She has always had a good attitude in what ever job she has ever had. She is grateful everyday for the life I’ve lived. Her husband of 38 yrs has provided her with a life of choices that she knows other women haven’t had.

OLD STORY: Scarcity. Never enough. Always needing things to fill her up.

NEW MONEY STORY: I have enough. I don't need anything and am grateful for right now!

Nancy knows that she has, for years, manifested abundance into her life because she has been truly grateful for all that she has. This has brought her great income opportunities, trips, and beautiful changes to her home. 

After reading Cassie’s Manifest $10,000 book, Nancy learned the one thing that all her gratitude and positivity was missing. Letting go of the how, where the abundance and money can come from. 

Since reading Cassie’s book I’ve made over $20K and she is launching a new business with the knowledge that this income will continue from a new source. She says, “I’m taking a leap. At 55 I’m starting my own business. “Your Fabulous Space”. Helping others create a home or business To be a space that inspires them”.

She recently made $10,000 on 2 paychecks within 3 weeks. More than she has ever made in that amount of time. 

Now she is sure that this can and will happen again and again as she has the confidence and skill to make this kind of money without it having to come from an employer but me doing what she is truly passionate about. Or wherever or however the money and abundance wants to show up… it will because she knows it will. 

Nancy now understands that she could’ve had those choices if she only knew her power back then. The good news is that she knows it now! She has a new true confidence that she can do anything and accomplish what she sets out to do.

She realizes that she no longer has  to rely on any particular job but can be open to receive and be ready to be surprised. 


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