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Nov. 15, 2017

Ep #89: Love and Money

Ep #89: Love and Money
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Sharon Pope, Love Coach and my co-host for this episode of More Money, and I definitely land in the category of “successful woman”. We both are best-selling authors and have created six-figure business following our departure from our successful corporate careers.
I asked Sharon to join me on this episode to help me dissipate a fear I’ve seen some women let keep them from going for it financially and it’s the belief, conscious or unconscious, that if they make a lot of money and are financially successful they are somehow limiting their chances of success on the relationship front.
Maybe this comes from society and beliefs that have been handed down. Maybe it comes from a fear that a man will somehow feel less than if a woman makes more than he does. Maybe it’s because you can find a number of female characters on T.V. who are doomed in the love department by their financial success
Maybe it comes from something your mom, dad, aunt, uncle or random person said about a woman who is in a relationship with a man who doesn’t make as much as her is settling and you’ve finally learned not to settle.
And maybe it doesn’t matter where it came from or even why it’s really there. The important thing to know is that you can create a happy, successful, relationship that is the wind at your back, no matter how much money each of you makes.
In this discussion with my friend Sharon, we discuss
  • how she makes more than her husband
  • how her credit score was MUCH higher than his when they got married  
  • how being married to her husband actually allows her to grow personally as well as financially
  • how to let go of the “how” about your relationship and attracting abundance
  • how to lead with the feeling of what you want in a relationship to open the door to the best possible match
  • the key to never letting a dollar amount define someone you love