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Nov. 22, 2017

Ep #90: Brandon Went From Discouraged To Living His Dreams

Ep #90: Brandon  Went From Discouraged To Living His Dreams
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When I moved back to Denver to be closer to family I went to work for a not-for-profit organization that I had always dreamed of working for. Being a not-for-profit organization my salary was directly correlated to a not-for-profit salary. I knew that if I put in the time I could move up in the organization and be where I wanted to be, however the salary would never match my dreams. After a conversation with a friend, where she shared her big dreams, I decided it was time to do bigger things in my life.

I had always loved real estate and I decided to get my real estate license and start selling real estate part time, while keeping my full-time job.

After a successful year of selling real estate part time, I realized that I was no longer being fulfilled at my current job. So I took the scary plunge and dove into real estate full time. A week after quitting my full time, salaried, and benefited job, I held an open house in this awesome loft in a converted Baptist church. 

The decision to hold that open house on that weekend forever changed the course of my life. The reason why, is Cassie Parks happened to walk through the door. She was being a nosey neighbor, which agents love because we get to know more about the neighborhood from an insiders perspective. 

There was something about Cassie that clicked with me. She had this energy about her that I knew I wanted to know about this woman. I secretly wanted to be her friend! Dreams do come true, we are now great friends!

In my time knowing Cassie I have been inspired to really go after my dreams.

I witnessed Cassie living a designed life and I knew I wanted to learn how to do that. She practices and lives what she teaches. So the decision to work with her was simple.

My intention for working with Cassie was to learn the tools necessary to manifest my dreams. Dreaming big has never been an issue for me. Turning those dreams into my reality is where my challenges lied. With such large dreams, it is easy to become discouraged when they feel so out of reach. 

Working with Cassie really helped me shake off the programming of my childhood. I learned how to live “as if” instead of “as if not”.

Taking the course and knowing Cassie has inspired me to live my dreams. I grew up dreaming of having horses, buying my family cabin, and traveling. I am literally living my dreams. I rescued two horses this year, bought my family cabin and have been in a different city almost every month this year!

After working with Cassie I was able to live my future self as a Business Owner and Leader. I gained the confidence to build a larger business by adding a Director of Operations to my team. We are building the infrastructure to build a large team that is able to help more and more people with their real estate needs.

My business has grown and my team grossed over $200,000 this year after working with Cassie. The money is awesome! The true success is being able to help so many people with their real estate needs. Also, being able to give back to causes I care about.

Knowing that I can tell the universe what I want and with focused intentions and know it will come to me, is definitely living by design. I do not worry about the future anymore because I know I am designing it.

Accelerating my growth has given me a freeing feeling. I know that I can make the future my present faster. I can make my dreams my reality sooner. I can keep dreaming bigger and bigger and know that I can make them come true for myself and those I care about.

I have proven to those close to me and those who doubt what I can accomplish that I am capable of living a life by design. Having a clear image of my future self and my future life has allowed me to articulate to my husband what I want for us. This has allowed conversations to happen to make sure th