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Dec. 6, 2017

Ep #92: Two Keys to Get Clients Chasing You

Ep #92: Two Keys to Get Clients Chasing You
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The two keys are confidence and clarity. Listen or keep reading to learn how when Lainie gained both and then clients started chasing her.  

A few years ago, Lainie took the leap and left her full-time job to step foot back in the entrepreneurial arena. She had done it once before, but was never able to create the success she wanted. Looking back she realizes the Universe served her up with everything she needed to be successful but at the time she could not see it because she lived in the place of lack and scarcity.


Old Money Story: Scarcity and Lack

New Money Story: Why Am I Making So Much Money?

When she quit her job and started her business as a development specialist who facilitates growth through the tool of Improv, those fears that she might not be able to build a business were front and center in her mind. She was throwing stuff against the wall to try and see what stuck.

Lainie had all the books, and tools on iTunes and she thought she was doing the Law of Attraction. After going through the Future Self Workshop, she realized that she wasn’t really practicing it the way she thought she was. In some ways she was complicating it. And she held the deep belief that she had to clear all her limiting beliefs before she could move forward.


Over the course of three days she realized she could move forward by stepping into her future self right away. She gained more clarity on what she wanted to do in her business and what she wanted her life to look like. Learning how to step into her future self and seeing herself as already having the success she wanted increased her confidence tremendously.


Within days, someone reached out to Lainie wanting to hire her. Have you ever dreamed of business finding you? She became so confident that when she got on the phone with a professional athletic team that she wanted to work with she answered all their questions from a place of certainty and clarity.  Through the conversation the team gained a sense of urgency in hiring her because they didn’t want her to get booked and miss their shot at having their team work with her.

Lainie now knows what it feels like to have clients chasing her instead of trying to convince someone to buy her services. She is proud of her business, it’s success and ability to pay her bills and afford her an amazing lifestyle. In less than a year she has doubled her business.


As Lainie continues to step into her future self, she finds herself surrounded by more abundance and opportunities. Lainie’s advice is to take the leap and follow your dreams and then get a coach!

Lainie recommends the following resources and working with Cassie like she did: 



Manifest $10,000 book

Double Your Business book

Coaching with Cassie

Lainie Hodges is a human development specialist who creates and facilitates space for people to personally grow and develop through the tool of improv. I work with schools, athletes, businesses, and public agencies. I am also a community activist for equity, anti-racism, and social justice.