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Dec. 20, 2017

Ep #94: How to Manifest $6,000 in 5 Days

Ep #94: How to Manifest $6,000 in 5 Days
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Old Money Story: Scarcity and Lack

New Money Story: Why Am I Making So Much Money?


Lainie manifested over $6000 in only five days. In the four months that followed her total has grown  to well over $20,000. One of the keys to Lainie’s success is tracking the money that is coming in.


Here’s her story in her words, “Since the Challenge began, I've manifested over $6K! I've manifested a tuition discount on a program I was accepted into, money to pay for 6 months of car insurance, numerous free meals and drinks, a concert ticket, groceries and higher payments from clients than I was expecting. Every day, I step further into my future self while shifting perceptions rooted in fear of not having enough. I've reaffirmed my faith and belief in abundance and quickly delete statements or beliefs that don't align with abundance. I am also more cognizant of all of the abundance in my life and express gratitude for it regularly. This allowed me to relax this summer in regards to my finances, rather than worrying about money since most of my contracts occur during the school year. I KNOW and BELIEVE that I am taken care of in all ways. I am a money magnet!”


During the Challenge, Lainie discovered her car insurance policy expired, unbeknownst to her. Since it lapsed for a few months, insurance companies treated her as a customer who hadn't had insurance in years, which meant an increased cost. She had a moment of panic wondering, "How am I going to afford insurance now?" Then she realized that came from fear and decided to shift her perceptions. She repeated money mantras, she learned from my books and courses money finds me, I am a money magnet, money flows to me," which helped her trust she would find the money to pay for her insurance.


Later that night, she remembered she had a 403(b) account from a previous job and discovered roughly $2,600. She surrendered the account, took out money for taxes, and was able to pay for 6 months of insurance upfront. The balance of the account was applied to the tuition of a development program she was accepted into this year that will take he to NYC, to which I was also awarded a scholarship in the amount of $1,134.


What seemed like a dire financial situation turned into a financial blessing. “I chose love and trusted the Universe would take care of me, rather than feeding the fear that there wasn't enough money for my needs,” Lainie said.


One of the reasons Lainie was able to manifest money so quickly during the challenge is she had already taken the Double Your Business workshop with me so she had learned what she was doing wrong and how to do it right. The challenge gave her new perspective, reminders and opened up more space for abundance.


Lainie learned during the challenge she doesn’t have to explain her abundance. It just is. She also attracted a new dog-sitting client who paid her a higher rate, without her asking, and has now raised her rate to the higher amount for all her other clients. Everyone is happy to pay. Her abundance is always increasing.


The best advice Lainie shares in this interview is to keep doing what works. Lainie admits to, in the past, having all the books and tools and downloads to make the law of attraction work for her. She used to try and make it work and she thought she was doing everything right, but she was attracting what she desired. She realized during our time coaching together what she was doing wrong and how to do