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Dec. 27, 2017

Ep #95: Gain Confidence In Manifesting $10K

Ep #95: Gain Confidence In Manifesting $10K
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Lindsey has had success in manifesting money due some work she did in the Manifest 10K course and the first ever Manifest $10K LIVE workshop about 1 year ago. The intention was to manifest $10,000. Together she and her husband Corey manifested this money. If you didn't hear Lindsey’s original story, you can listen to it here. (hyperlink will be active)

Old Money Story: Money Was A Necessary Evil

New Money Story: Confident Manifestors

Negative circumstances derail most people but this is what led Lindsey and Corey to their $10,000.

Lindsey is a higher-self integration expert who helps women find their best version of themselves spiritually and helps them step into their real power on a universal level.

Before taking the Manifest $10K course she would often display a lack of confidence in herself and her ideas.

Lindsey loved the Manifest $10K course because there was no pressure. She says, “It was a cool and gentle way to be introduced to Law of Attraction in the sense of manifesting money.”

Lindsey set her intention and did the work.

Lindsey was watching Cassie’s Facebook pictures and realized she wanted the life she saw. She wanted to be in the pictures with the people right in front of her. She set another intention of being with Cassie and having a great time too.

The next day, Cassie announced that she was going to do a live event in Colorado. Her husband was in full support of her commitment to going. To top it off, Lindsey put off booking her airline tickets but when timing was right, she was prompted to act and got a great deal on her airfare.

Her biggest takeaway from Manifest 10K LIVE was 1) the conscious realization on how the brain tries to go back to normal once she was home from an event 2) the support of the participants and how they cheered each other on unconditionally.

Moving forward has been easy because she knows she has the support of all of the other participants. Lindsey has a new found confidence that has led to so many great things over the last year.

Instead of feeling like she is doing something wrong in her marketing her business, she now has the confidence to give her ideas time and energy to reach the right people.

Lindsey is willing to be who she is fully now. This is how she will attract the perfect clients for her.

Manifest With Your Partner

Corey and Lindsey manifest together. She shared with him because she was excited. She changed her money language and feelings about money and he willingly grabbed hold. The concepts Cassie taught was easy to share with him. Together they worked on their guilt of spending money and changed that into an investment mindset.

He decided what he really wanted to do for a living, which is real estate investing.

They knew they would manifest what he wanted to do but weren’t sure how it would work out. He not only got the additional $10K and he has now met others who flip and sell homes.  He is making the right connections with people who have the money and the know-how on how to do his dream job. In turn, this has opened up conversations with his current employer as well.

It all started with the pothole and a disastrous situation. Life is so different after one year of doing this internal manifesting work. Lindsey now listens to the universal promptings that come to her and acts on them quicker. Today, their life is filled with freedom and ease.

Her advice is to keep plugged into what feels right and is working.

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