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Jan. 3, 2018

Ep #96: Choose How Your Life Unfolds

Ep #96: Choose How Your Life Unfolds
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I hope you are enjoying the interviews I have been doing recently. The goal of these interviews has been to highlight how we are all different. No two stories are the same as we are all unique. Hearing different stories from different interviewees helps you amp up the belief that is it is possible for you too. You brain starts to believe it is possible for you when you hear stories from others.

What I have realized is that there are different levels to manifesting because everyone that works with me is at different levels.

  • Manifest 10K is like getting a bachelor’s degree
  • Scripting Workshop is like getting a master’s degree
  • Diving into my year long coaching is like getting a PhD

In 2018, make a promise to yourself to not judge your year by the things that happen. When you are in negative energy, know you can shift this at any time. Magic happens when you make a decision that is not how your story is going to play out. The story you tell today, is the life you live tomorrow. Stop telling the story you do not want so that your tomorrow can be what you do want.

Let’s look at the great things that happened in 2017 - it was amazing!

  • I moved in 2017 and got to spend more time with people I love
  • I spent a month at the beach and was at the water twice a day
  • I learned to be comfortable with the uncomfortable
  • I started the purchase of a new renovation property
  • I trusted my future self to make leaps and jumps
  • I transitioned to a new monthly subscription model
  • I learned to write screen plays
  • I wrote a second novela after my first one, Choose Me, turned out to be my best selling book so far
  • I have learned to trust the process/whispers I am hearing in my life
  • I am continually investing in fun and I always end up with more money at the end of the month

2018 Is The Year of Growth

  • If you want to be first to get my novela, Own It, go to CassieParks.com and sign up.
  • You can also get the Identify Your Money Story Guide on my website
  • I’ll be writing 3 more novelas in 2018
  • I want to show you how to grow into your dream life
  • I’ll show you how to be comfortable in the uncomfortable (comfortable is what you have already been doing)
  • I will be showing you how others are growing as some of my clients have agreed to share their journey with you so you can hear from them multiple times throughout the year
  • I will be being interviewed along with my clients

If there is anything you want to hear more about, email cassieparksva@gmail.com and we’ll integrate your ideas throughout the year.

If you love this show, please leave a review on iTunes letting me know what impact the show has had on you.   

Let’s rock 2018!

Mantra: I choose how my life unfolds. I choose what is next.



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