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Jan. 10, 2018

Ep #97: How to Master Manifesting

Ep #97: How to Master Manifesting
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Jennifer Hooper manifested the house of her dreams. She recently launched her health coaching business and is attracting clients. There is more money in her bank account than ever before and everything is amazing.

It wasn’t always like this. Jennifer believed the law of attraction worked, she just couldn’t figure out how to make it work for herself. She’d commit to doing LOA things, nothing would happen, then she’d get frustrated and stop working it. Then after awhile, she’d try again only to repeat the same pattern.

The pattern stopped and the manifesting started when she signed up to take my scripting workshop. After the workshop, she had a choice to make: go forward and do it on her own or get support. She choose support and continued to learn how to make the law of attraction flourish in her life.

Now, she is in for round two of coaching and allowing you all to tag along on her journey of attraction. This part of her journey started with another workshop, followed a month later by the Path to Playing Client Workshop. During the Path to Paying Client workshop, Jennifer discovered how to meet, greet and support her paying client. She created a 5 Days to More Energy Program which is now getting downloaded everyday.

During this interview Jennifer shares what she is now scripting, her very quick manifestation from the last workshop and what she’s excited about.

Jennifer is a model student. When she invested in working with me for a year, it was the biggest investment in herself she had ever made. She vowed to squeeze every ounce out of her investment and she did. It is her commitment to show up and keep growing that has activated her manifesting magic.

You can reach Jennifer at jennifer-hooper.com.


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