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Oct. 27, 2021

Following Inspiration to Start Coach Training

Following Inspiration to Start Coach Training
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Today Kimberly Hite is turning the table and interviewing Cassie Parks about training coaches to support her mission and how this all evolved. Cassie shares how she went from saying "no" to coaches to an inspired “hell yes” and how that supports everyone involved. Tune in to hear the answers to these questions. 

I remember when I asked if you had ever considered teaching others your way of being a coach.  It was a “no” with an explanation why. 

Do you remember your initial reason of why you wouldn’t?

Do you remember when it went from a “no” to an inspired “hell yes”?

Do you think that by others wanting it (meaning your program) gave it energy to come to fruition? 

What is so different about your Coach Training than any other training program out there?

You talk about scripting and our FS 5 years from now...how is your life 5 years from now with coaches?

Do you want to talk a little about what the requirements are to being accepted into the coaching program?

What are you most excited about having new coaches sharing your program?