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Jan. 4, 2023

How Budgeting Helps You Manifest More Money

How Budgeting Helps You Manifest More Money
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Kimberly shares that budgeting used to feel like too many rules and denying herself things. Now it feels like freedom and choice.

They talk about why: Afraid to look at her account. Didn’t know where the money was going.

They talk about how it can take a while of growing and changing, being in Enchanted Life U for people to be ready to budget and see that it creates freedom.

Kimberly shares that she’s been doing the work at Enchanted Life U for 2-½ years and what’s shifted.

Cassie asks Kimberly about the 3 years she spent trying to “fix herself” after she read a book.

Kimberly shares how that process went and how she didn’t see many results compared to show she has become in the last 2 and ½ years.

Kimberly shares she doesn’t feel like a jigsaw puzzle anymore.

Kimberly shares the title of this chapter of her Manifesting Success Story

Stepping Into "Being" More and More Everyday and Getting More and More of What I Want

They talk about what it means to “be”. Kimberly shares it’s being in the moment.

Kimberly shares she’s manifested over $350,000 and how that is how much she had on a platter during a recent money manifested shoot.

Cassie helps Kimberly figure out how to calculate interest saved recently.

Kimberly shares her best evidence over the past three months, “I think turning my iPad into my new computer. Once again, I thought I only had one way to get a new computer. Then by a series of amazing inspirations, I went from wanting to invest $1500 in a new computer to spending $50 and getting exactly what I wanted. It started in Colorado when Cassie mentioned she wished she could touch her computer to do things like I did on my iPad. Then I saw at Target the brand I had purchased for my other iPad of a keyboard case for your iPad. I went and looked those up, and trusted/followed inspiration to discover that I could get a stand, a wireless keyboard and a mouse and wah-lah, I had a computer. I can work from anywhere. It was so fun to fully step in and follow the inspiration. I had evidence along the way that I knew what I wanted was coming, it just appeared in a way that I never even considered.”