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Oct. 13, 2021

How Does Menopause Get In The Way of Manifesting?

How Does Menopause Get In The Way of Manifesting?
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Jeanne is the Menopause Guru and she joins this episode to talk about menopause and how it can have a negative effect on manifesting. Jeanne and Cassie discuss Jeanne’s own journey and how it was impacted by menopause. 


Here’s a timeline of her Menopause Journey:


First meno symptom (allergies) was in 1996 (I was 41). She was moving to NH, her son was 16.


Here emotional symtoms, anger and not caring, increased and everything fell apart with her ex husband in 2003 and she was 47. W


She was married July 1 of 2011 to current husband and moved to New Orleans area in 2013.


Jeanne started coaching with Cassie in Feb 2016, during the post-menopausal part of her journey. 


In this interview, Cassie and Jeanne discuss the emotional symtoms that can arise on a woman's menopause journey and get in the way of her manifesting. 


We also touch on how to move past these challenges so you can manifest and how coaches can best support their clients if they see menopause impacting manifesting. 


In the next episode, we will talk about how being on your Menopause Journey opens us magic space for manifesting. 


Connect with Jeanne at menopause.guru