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Aug. 31, 2022

How Inspiration Helps You Manifest More

How Inspiration Helps You Manifest More
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There is check-box creation and then there is creation, creation. In this episode, Dave is back for another conversation with Cassie about using the law of attraction to manifest money and more. In this epiose the two dive deep into inspiration. What it is and how it impacts creation. They talk about how creating from inspiration instead of a place of pushing things forward creates better outcomes and makes life a lot more fun. Listen to hear how happiness is guiding Dave to create as a film composer as he leverages inspiration in his work.

First, Dave shares his current manifested total of $414,302.38.

Next Dave tells about what he does as a film composer.

Dave talks about how he had no concept of inspiration prior to joining Enchanted Life U.

Dave shares as best he can what inspiration is.

Dave and Cass talk about how excitement and inspiration are different.

Dave shares how easy his last composing project was because he was following inspiration the whole time.

Dave and Cassie talk about allowing all emotions and how it impacts inspiration and manifesting.

Dave shares how he was inspired to take a two week break after wrapping up his last project. He shares how that opened up the space to make composing easier.

Dave shares how he said no to a project because he was inspired to take a break and how he never would have done that before.

Cassie asks Dave to share the key(s) to creating what he wants as a composer.

Dave and Cassie talk about the choice we have to push and or choose happiness.

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