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Sept. 7, 2022

How Living As If Supports Manifesting Money and More

How Living As If Supports Manifesting Money and More
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In this episode, manifesting coach Cassie Parks talks to Anita in the first of 12 episodes that dive into her journey using the law of attraction to manifest money and more. In this episode, they cover how Anita wanted a coach instead of another therapist.

Cassie asks Anita how they became connected.

Anita shares that she had listened to Manifest It Now and her therapist retired, and she didn’t want another therapist to explain everything all over again.

Instead, she decided to get into the Law of Attraction and fix things with love rather than repeating the same problems over and over again.

Cassie asks Anita the biggest difference between therapy and coaching.

Anita says repeating what is good and not focusing on the negative to try and fix everything.

Cassie asks what the biggest difference between having a coach and not having a coach when using the law of attraction is.

Anita shares that she visualized and said affirmations, but never understood there was a living as if aspect.

She shares how she’s living as if by going to get facials and taking care of herself.

Anita shares how she's more relaxed with money, and she’s enjoying not having the stress.

Anita shares her former money story was Money Chaser and how she’s had a lot of different businesses and clawed her way through life.

She shares how her parents immigrated to the US and have always hustled for money. She says they do it the hard way for sure.

Anita tells the story of her parent’s teaching her “You have to keep as much money as you can…” Also that you have to watch out because people will take your money. These are the stories she is unlearning as she’s growing her powerful money story, Money Comes to Me In Large Amounts All the Time.

Anita talks about getting paid 8x a month and how she’s aspiring to get paid 30 times a month.

Anita shares how it takes pressure off personally being in a group coaching program and how she learns from everyones questions.

Anita shares her biggest lesson so far is relaxation. She’s realizing if she’s not inspired she doesn’t have to get 10 things done.

Anita shares about living as if she’s in the perfect relationship rather than carrying on about what she doens’t love.

Cassie asks Anita to share the story of creating a more peaceful home.

Anita tells the story of her living situation and how she’s engaging in more of what she wants and it’s easily creating more of what she wants.

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