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Oct. 20, 2021

How Menopause Makes Manifesting Easier

How Menopause Makes Manifesting Easier
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Cassie welcomes Jeanne Andrus, The Menopause Guru, back to discuss the positive effects your Menopause Journey can have on manifesting. 

Men stick around if you feel like you’d like to be able to support your partners better. 

During this interview, Jeanne explains the shifts in a woman’s hormones that can start happening around age 35 that open up a magic space for manifesting. 

Some things shifts in hormones do that support manifesting:

  1. You become more focused on yourself.
  2. You shift from multi-tasking to more focused linear tasking.
  3. You are able to tap more into what you really want
  4. You’re more open to taking risks.

Join Jeanne and Cassie.

You can connect with Jeanne to learn more at menopause.guru