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June 30, 2021

How to Believe You Can Manifest What You Want

How to Believe You Can Manifest What You Want
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When you start leveraging the law of attraction, most people want to KNOW it’s going to work. You might have even tried to force yourself to believe at one point or another that it’s going to work. 


I wish I had the magic formula for knowing it’s going to work, but there is no quick way to knowing you are going to get what you want. That comes from doing the work, and continually stepping into the version of yourself that has what you want. The knowing comes from many small successes and then one day, you just know. 


You know you are going to get exactly what you want even if you don’t know how.


It is magic when it happens. The certainty feels so good. And you skip on as if you never for a second doubted it or tried to force it to happen.


In this interview with Jeanne, you will hear how she knows her husband is going to retire shortly. More importantly she is certain the money is going to show up to allow that opportunity even though she has no idea how. 


Listen to hear Jeanne’s certainty and take it as evidence that if you do the work, the “knowing” it’s going to happen is on it’s way to you.


If you feel like you’ve been doing the work or what you think you need to be doing to manifest what you want, but you don’t think you’re getting closer to the feeling of certainty, let’s do it together!!! I’ll make it easy and give you step by step assignments. Apply to join Manifest $10K-Pay After You Manifest.