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Jan. 26, 2022

How to Find Manifesting Success from Six Money Manifestors

How to Find Manifesting Success from Six Money Manifestors
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Today’s episode is an interview with six money manifestors sharing their experience with manifesting success.


In this episode, everyone shares how much money they have manifested in 4 months or less.


During this interview manifestors share specific “ah-has'' they've had about using the Law of Attracrtion to manifest money and more. They talk about:


Money coming from unexpected places.

Feeling the feelings. 

Trust and letting go of constantly doing things.

Focusing on the outcome you want, rather than analyzing it.

Debt becoming neutral as a way to attract more money.


These manifestors also share their favorite manifestations as well as fun evidence they have seen that more of what they want is on the way. 


Next they discuss the biggest ways they have grown/changed/shifted over the past few months? These include


Going from a scared to joyful relationship with money.

Running your own race.

Feeling worthy.

Putting energy into the story you want, even when it’s hard.

More confidence.

Higher trust. 




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