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Sept. 28, 2022

How to Go From a Manifesting Hustler to a Relaxed Manifestor

How to Go From a Manifesting Hustler to a Relaxed Manifestor

Today is the fourth in the series with Anita, an amazing manifestor using the law of attraction to manifest money, vacations, ease and her dream life. Today’s episode starts with that is awesome. Part of that for Anita is that she is feeling abundant everyday. Here are other things Cassie and Anita discuss about her journey to manifesting success:

Anita shares how after completing Manifest $10K she feels relaxed about money instead of nervous.

How Anita’s anxiety level has decreased as a whole

Anita shares how she manifested over $6000 and is happy about it

The two discuss how it’s important to focus on if you’re getting what you want, rather than obsessing over the number

They talk about how people think money manifests as a big check that you go buy everything you want with and it’s usually not like that.

Anita shares all the things that have manifested including new clothes, a romantic trip to Greece, money in a house fund.

She’s also been investing in music and comedy tickets regularly

She talks about how all of it was manifested and she’s excited to see what she manifests in the Spring

Anita describes the manifesting process as easy.

And Anita tells how there is more money and it would just show up.

They discuss how all of the money manifesting she’s done has increased her faith in manifesting bigger things.

They talk about if you feel stuck to go script and Anita shares that it always gets her unstuck and back to manifesting.

Anita shares how she used to be a Manifesting Hustler.

She was trying to acquire all the things instead of manifesting what she wanted.

She says there was no mindset, no creation and no letting it happen.

Anita shares how she used to feel like she had to force it.

Anita shares how she’s had a business idea that could bring in some big money and she’s growing into it differently than before.

Part of learning and growing is separating inspired action.

They talk about putting things down and waiting for inspiration when challenges arise with an idea

Anita shares how her life is more free. She goes to work when she wants to. She enjoys more time at the spa and doing things she wants to.

They talk about stepping into the place of Anita having $4000 more a month soon

It all started by doing a script about $5K more a month

They talk about how Anita is playing and feeling into the experience of this money rather than trying to make it happen

Anita talks about how she’s overcome her parents being hustlers and constantly telling her how hard you have to work for money.

Anita shares how she doens’t take on negative stories anymore.

She chooses the story she wants to tell and create in her life.

She shares how she redirects conversations that don’t fit her new story.

Anita shares how she chooses not to let other’s stories affect her.

She shares how she is actively choosing to have a good day.

Anita tells how she gives herself time to feel pissed off at people.

Anita shares how with coaching she learned the more she relaxes, the more money comes in

She shares how relaxing has led to a 50% better return on her Air B and B over last winter.

Anita shares how she’s shifted her Air B and B story from “Why hasn’t it gotten booked??”(followed by stress and frantically lowering the price) to “It’ll get booked.” And it does.

Listen to hear all the juicy details.

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