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Dec. 22, 2021

How to Have it All Without Winning the Lottery

How to Have it All Without Winning the Lottery
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You can have it all!  


I remember wondering if I could have it all, and thinking the only way I could was if I had more 



For me, having it all meant finally being truly happy and life would be easy!


If I had more money, it would just make all areas of my life better.  

I thought I had to win the lottery in order to have it all!  

Luckily I found Manifest $10K which is where I learned how to have more money and now I know I don’t need to win the lottery to have it all!

I love myself more, and I enjoy amazing relationships.  

I really do have it all, self love, better relationships and more happiness.  It all happened when I learned how to have an amazing relationship with money. 

You can hear all about my “aha” about winning the lottery in this episode.