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Oct. 26, 2022

How To Identify Inspiration When Manifesting

How To Identify Inspiration When Manifesting

Anita shares how she’s getting paid to stay home.

How she got 25% more for a lease agreement

Anita shares her new money manifested total of $154,738

Anita shares how a year and a half ago, she thought her total right now would be $20,000

Cassie asks Anita what her biggest a-ha about using the law of attraction has been in the last few months.

Anita shares that she finally understands what inspiration isn’t. “Finally, I just know.”

Anita shares two questions she asks herself regarding inspiration: "How does this feel? Does it feel like I can’t not do it.”

Anita shares how she’s trying less and observing more.

Saying no to things that aren’t inspired

Anita shares how in the past, she would have figured out how to make opportunities work

The result is less stress in Anita’s life

Anita shares how it’s a new experience to be “this calm” and it’s taking some getting used to

She’s realizing how much time she has

Anita shares how she used to have to be productive all the time, checking off the to-dos

Anita shares how she’s realized she doesn’t have to do 90% of the things on her to-do list

They were just things to keep her busy and make her think she was moving forward

They discuss how no balls are being dropped and Anita feels more on top of things than ever

Anita shares that the biggest change in the last year and a half is not pushing. Instead, she’s being.

Anita shares how open to possibilities she is now compared to in the past.

She shares how she figured out she’ll be making an extra $1550 in just about a year, without doing anything different.

The money showed up when she followed inspiration.

Anita shares how she went from being stressed because she wanted to make sure she didn’t get screwed about a situation at one of her properties to manifesting something amazing.

She had her armor up and was ready for a fight. She shares how Cassie coached her to allow it to be easy, and she did.

Anita shares how she manifested a $10,000 upgrade by taking off her armor.

They talk about another $10,000 that showed up in Anita’s life.

Anita shares how her partner is on board to move to Greece in about eight years and how it’s totally doable.

Anita asks Cassie, “How can I draw in more inspiration?”

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