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Dec. 8, 2021

How to Make Life More Simple

How to Make Life More Simple
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Are you like me, wishing life was more simple?

I remember wanting my life to be more simple, it just didn’t seem possible.  I remember thinking that if I just had more money, that was the answer for me to make my life more simple.  Yet, that wasn’t simple either.  

I didn’t know how to have more money to make life simpler, and it was a continuous struggle.  I felt like a dog chasing my tail, never quite catching it.  

The interesting thing about that, my life started to become more simple when I was working through Manifest $10K, yet it wasn’t the more money that was doing it for me.  

It was doing daily assignments, which if you had told me that doing daily assignments would make life easier, I probably would have laughed or thought, okay, that’s not gonna work. 

The thing is, it did work!  It not only brought me more money, I mean it is called Manifest 10K, it also brought the simplicity that I had been craving.  

The daily assignments actually helped me to make life more simple, and the BONUS is having money flowing to me constantly.