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Nov. 17, 2021

How to Manifest Being a Paid Artist

How to Manifest Being a Paid Artist
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Do you wanna get paid to do what you love?  


I never truly felt worthy enough to call myself an artist and definitely not worthy enough to get paid as one.  


Then Cassie was coaching me and she asked “What if you just created to create?”  


That question opened up so much space for me, as I had never thought of just creating to create.  


I was stuck in the “How can I get paid to create?”  


As I started to create just for fun, all of a sudden new opportunities and ideas came to me that brought in money.  I wasn’t worried about getting paid, and then I was getting paid.  


Now I know that I can get paid to create, and it feels so good!


In this interview you can hear all the amazing opportunities and how much fun I’m having creating…


Cheers to getting paid to do what you love,



If you’re ready to be a paid artist, I started my journey by completing Manifest $10K, you can start here payafteryoumanifest.com