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Feb. 8, 2023

How to Manifest: Being vs Doing and Inspiration

How to Manifest: Being vs Doing and Inspiration

How have you seen your Future Self show up over the past few months? (If you haven't participated in a workshop yet, write NA.

She’s shown up smart and confident and gets what she wants.

What has been your biggest "ah-ha" or understanding/deepening of how the Law of Attraction and manifesting work?

Being versus doing. I’m being the woman who is loved and supported and therefore it shows up in my life naturally. I’m being the woman who is abundant and money flows to me from all directions. And it does. I am stepping more deeply into the being. I think there are still parts of me that are “doing” versus being, yet it gets easier to catch now, and I get to choose being her instead of forcing or pushing what I want.

Give us an example of “being”.

How do you “catch” the doing now?

What's the best manifestation you've had over the past few months?

I have so many, every day I get to wake up and live this amazing life I’ve created. My vacation My new Jeep My trips to Denver Being a paid artist Being a paid coach If I had to pick one, it would be quitting the gym. When I first started in this program, shortly after Joshua and I separated. For those that have heard my journey, they know he came back about 6 months later. Our marriage is the best it’s ever been. We communicate easily, we talk about money easily, we laugh, I’m so loved and supported. When he told me to quit the gym, it was like a dream conversation. Not about quitting, it was what he said after that.

Tell us about “All the things I ever wanted to hear in the past, he said them, all on his own.”

How does “being” tie into this conversation?

I was blown away. There is so much in this one conversation, and there was evidence of it all being there before, which I had logged. Like him telling the lady that I’ve done an amazing job on his credit and handling our finances. Him talking about flying…there is so much here.