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March 15, 2023

How To Manifest By Following Inspiration Over Perfection

How To Manifest By Following Inspiration Over Perfection
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Paulie is back to share another chapter in her manifesting journey using the law of attraction to manifest her dreams.

We start the interview by discussing how Paulie’s life is unrecognizable from three years ago when she started this journey. We also talk about:

  • Spiraling up and what happens as you continue to grow year after year.
  • Trusting, letting go, creating momentum.
  • Paulie shares how she has so much of what she wanted three years ago.
  • And she’s close to everything else she wants.
  • How you have to feel it first and what that means.
  • How feeling the feelings felt like it was going backward, but it exponentially moved Paulie forward.
  • How she manifested approximately $100,000.
  • She had a lot of fun and didn’t have to work that hard to manifest so much.
  • Being consistent.
  • Assignment to just do what is inspired.
  • Writing episodes with ease.
  • Are you pushing perfection or allowing inspiration?
  • What if you do nothing and get everything you want?
  • How it works out when you stop micromanaging
  • Building trust through experience.

Tune in for all the juicy details.

To connect with Paule follow her on Instagram @paulie_golightly

Anything discussed during the show: https://www.enchantedlifeu.com/more-manifesting-success