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July 28, 2021

How to Manifest Clients Finding You

How to Manifest Clients Finding You
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What if your clients found you rather than you searching for them?


Have you ever wished your perfect clients would just “find you”? Call you up, email you or just sign-up and make the investment?


The first time in my life I wanted to find clients, I literally cold-called managers out of the phone book. And now I realize, I kind of tricked them into coming into our office to learn about joining our financial services company. 


When I was doing this, there was no social media, and my upline said this is how you get people on your team and new clients. So, I did it. It sucked! And the results sucked too.


Today, I do it differently. I do it by becoming more of the person who has clients rather than chasing them down.


Kate does it differently too. She talks about it in this interview. How she gets clients when she is doing the things she loves most. How cool is that? Kate makes money while she works out, meaning that when she works out, people sign-up and pay to work with her. Kate LOVES working out and it’s been her intention for a while to get paid to work out!


Listen to hear the full story!


Then think about what it would be like if you could attract amazing clients by living your amazing life. Don’t try and figure out how. Simply sit in the possibility for a minute.