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Nov. 30, 2022

How To Manifest Money For The Holidays

How To Manifest Money For The Holidays
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In this episode, Money Manifesting Coach Cassie Parks interviews Abundance Facilitator Kimberly Hite about her manifesting journey. They start the interview by sharing that Kimberly is officially an Abundance Facilitator, and she is supporting her clients in manifesting money. Then Kimberly shares why she never finished coaching programs before. She felt like they were cookie-cutter and didn’t work for her.

Kimberly then shares her money manifested total of over $300,000  She expresses how this big number feels normal.

The two continue talking about the following when it comes to using the law of attraction to manifest your dreams:

Going deeper and becoming the person who manifests money as a coach and being powerful, confident, and the person who asks for what she wants.

How manifesting picks up momentum

Continuously catching yourself when you tell a story that is no longer what you want to manifest.

How simple and easy it is to choose to tell a new story in order to manifest more of what you want.

How to shift the story you’re telling.

Uncovering words you are hiding behind.

How to share evidence in a short, simple, powerful way.

Manifesting having cash to pay for Christmas, not scraping by or using credit cards like in the past.

Manifesting money on a continuous basis so as not to rely on a tax refund to get money.

Allowing ideas to show up and appreciating them without having to chase them.

Owning your beliefs and telling the story you believe and want to be true.