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Sept. 21, 2022

How to Manifest More Ease In Your Life

How to Manifest More Ease In Your Life

Today is the third episode of Anita’s journey using the law of attraction to manifest money, travel, and the life of her dreams. In the last episode, Anita was preparing to go on an easy, relaxing vacation. Today we’re talking about how Anita is manifesting so much ease in her life.

Here are a few things that aren’t happening in Anita’s life:

Financial stress

Stress about decisions

We also discuss:

  • How Anita used to spend 60% of her time stressing about decisions
  • How appreciation now fills the space of stress
  • Following inspiration about how to increase her income without increasing her work
  • Setting boundaries up front to make more money
  • How changing your money story allows money to flow into your life easier
  • Staying in flow as opposed to working at it
  • How Anita’s former money story was Hustler
  • Allowing it to be easy
  • Allowing things to work out easily
  • Shifts and changes in her relationship, creating more ease
  • Owning your story of it working out, even when others tell you it won’t
  • How she handled a situation with grace to get more of what she wants
  • Complaining vs asking for a better experience
  • Setting boundaries for yourself and your experiences
  • Asking for what you need in relationships
  • Manifesting work out equipment with ease and saving money
  • Not having to figure things out

Listen to hear all the juicy details.

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