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Oct. 5, 2022

How to Manifest The House You Want

How to Manifest The House You Want

Anita shares that it’s awesome that she’s been off work and is still getting paid.

Cassie and Anita talk about the evolution of the house Anita is buying in a few weeks and how it worked out.

Anita shares how she manifested a pool, which is on her vision board, but she didn’t expect to happen this soon.

They discuss how the first contract for a house fell through and how Anita worked through that.

Anita shares where she wanted her house and how her realtor thought she should expand her search, but she knew what she wanted and got it.

Anita shares how she manifested $16,500 to contribute to the house fund.

Anita shares how her relationship with money has changed over the previous year so that it’s not so much a focus and was easier to save.

Anita and Cassie talk about how she was good with money to begin with but she thought about it all the time.

Anita shares how that if she didn’t struggle she would worry it wasn’t going to happen.

Anita shares how she is enjoying her time off where a year prior she might have squandered it.

Anita shares how some relationship struggles with her boyfriend’s kids have worked out.

Cassie and Anita discuss how intending vs telling someone how you want something to be can be so much more powerful.

They discuss how to create a space that is yours even if the space you are living in is small and has a lot of people.

Antia talks about how she used the law of attraction to help her with a neighbor she was having problems with.

Anita shares how she manifested the skin she has been wanting.

They talk about letting go of the struggles and being the version of yourself that doesn’t have to struggle.

Anita shares that she is very content and happy and life just keeps getting better and better.

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