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Dec. 14, 2022

How to Manifest: Trust, Inspiration, and Letting Go

How to Manifest: Trust, Inspiration, and Letting Go
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During this episode, manifesting coach Cassie Parks interviews Kimberly Hite, Abundance Facilitator, about this chapter of her manifesting journey. This interview focuses on trust, inspiration, inspired action, and letting go when you are manifesting.

Cassie asks Kimberly to give her definitions of the following:

Trust is knowing, with manifesting and in life that what I want is already here or it’s coming. I used to think trust was something that I had to do, like a to-do list item on the manifest list; I’d write down trust that it’s gonna happen. I was lying to myself because I didn’t really trust, but if I said a mantra that I trust what I want is on its way, then I could check it off because I said so, but I didn’t really feel it. It’s like I was pretending and lying to myself that I actually trusted that it was coming. If I could say it, check it off the list, then it’s done.

Trust wasn’t an exact moment in time that I just started trusting; it was practicing trust and building my trust muscle. I didn’t realize I was building it until it was built. Each time that I trusted something, I had to practice it. Until one day, I just realized that, oh, I do trust that. I’m not practicing anything. I just, know now that I trust it, which definitely took time.

Taking trust off my to-do list and just setting down my to-do lists helped in a lot of different areas, but definitely for trust.

Inspiration just really clicked for me recently; inspiration is not an action. If you’ve been following my journey, you know that if I had an idea, I automatically went directly into an action plan. I have this idea. How do I make it happen? Inspiration now is, “oh, that’s a really cool idea,” and then I can either let it go or follow the next inspiration that comes. It’s totally different now. There’s no action plan. Like I used to have to write down all my ideas, I had multiple notebooks, but I’m not writing down this huge to-do list or this huge action plan of how I can force or push to get what I want to come now.

Inspired action is taking action without thinking about it. For example, I went to my computer and I typed something in, and I didn’t remember why I did that, it was just an automatic action. I typed something in, and it gave me the information that I needed, but I don’t remember why I went to my computer. It just happened, there was no thought process to it.

For me, the biggest indicator that it’s inspired is that I’m not thinking about it. I’m just doing it.

Then Kimberly shares her story of creating the Money Manifesting Playbook Journal, highlighting trust, inspiration, inspired action, and letting go.

Kimberly shares who she had to grow into in order to create the journal.

Then Cassie points out how the journal is similar to earlier in Kimberly’s story. Kimberly had to grow into the person who can have what she wants, the journal, without making money from it. This was similar to why Kimberly opened her craft studio.

Now, Kimberly is the person who gets to have what she wants and doesn’t have to justify having it by making it into a way to make money.