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Nov. 24, 2021

How to Manifest Working Less

How to Manifest Working Less
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Have you ever said in jest...work hard, play harder?

I used to work so hard, if I wasn’t working I was thinking I should be.  

I remember a time that if I was really busy, I felt really good, like I was getting stuff done. I’m not even sure I really knew how to have fun, but I thought if I worked hard I deserved to have some fun.  Until that no longer felt good.  

There had to be a new way of doing life.  

It may sound strange, yet when I started doing my daily assignments in Manifest 10K, I really started to work less, and learned how to play.  

Now I work less, play more, and I actually get more done in less time in regards to my “work” hours.  It feels so much better doing life this way, then the way I had been!

In this interview, I share all the fun I’m having, by working less and playing more. You can hear the full interview here...