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Jan. 18, 2023

How to Manifest Your Dreams of a Simple Life

How to Manifest Your Dreams of a Simple Life
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Kimberly shares how she realized she wants a simple life.

She shares how that is about being present in the experiences for her rather than a bunch of things, which is what she used to want.

For Kimberly, simple=enjoying experiences.

Kimberly shares how she's put down the Chasing Book for good after 27 years of it.

Kimberly shares a recent experience where she and her husband decided not to buy things. Here’s what she wrote before, “'I’ve been in the EC for 2 1/2 years, and I really "get" this now. I don't feel like I'm missing out if I "can't" buy something was my old story. Now it's so different. It's my inspiration. It's so funny, the perfect story to share for this because I wanted this new grill, and my husband had an increase on his HD card. He was ready to buy a new mower and a new grill. I've been asking for this type of grill for the last 2 summers, and now he was offering to get it. It didn't feel good to charge it. Not because I didn't think we could pay it off or any of the other reasons, it just didn't feel good when he asked. We talked about it and we agreed to not invest in either of those things right now. That's totally new and different.”

Cassie and Kimberly talk about how people get stuck because they think they can’t say no or the Universe won’t bring them what they really want.

They also discuss saying “no” and how it’s okay.

They also talk about how Kimberly’s grown. Here’s what Kimberly wrote before the interview, “I'm still growing through this, yet the stories I tell about myself. I didn't realize all the shit I say in jest, held some "beliefs" I was telling as truth. I'm working on them now, choosing what is true for me. Plus, I hadn't been honoring my space, or what I needed. I said yes in the moment, not giving myself the space to check in, and now there are some things that may not be exactly what I want. I created what has happened, and it was a lesson in learning to give myself space before I answer if I need it. I just remembered what you coached Jane on and Becky. It was about saying yes, then changing our minds. Honor the yes, and honor the no.”

Then the two discuss the answer to these questions: "As a coach, what growth have you seen that I may have missed or forgotten? IT's so interesting how we "forget" where we were, and I don't think it's on purpose, can you explain why that is?”

Cassie explains how Kimberly stopped getting upset she was doing it wrong and started stepping into her Future Self. She did this when she came to Colorado and started living as her Future Self.