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Aug. 17, 2022

How to Release Old Stories to Manifest Your Dreams

How to Release Old Stories to Manifest Your Dreams
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This interview continues last week’s conversation between money manifesting coach Cassie Parks and Dave who is using the law of attraction to manifest his dreams.  They discuss Dave’s amazing $30,000 manifestation, how he’s following inspiration and taking inspired action to move his career forward, how his future self is showing up to guide him through wants and needs, and a four-step process Cassie gave Dave to stop playing whack-a-mole with old stories in this life that he no longer wants to tell.

Below are more detailed notes of their conversation. ***these notes are based on answers submitted prior to the interview.

Dave shares his best manifestation over the past few months?

$30k for my credit card debt. Now, I can invest in a nice freedom fund! Woot!

Cassie asks Dave to share what inspirations have popped up for him and if he’s taken inspired action recently?

Dave shares this story, I got connected with a director I like on LinkedIn, years ago. I was searching through my contacts because I had an inspiration to reach out to "someone," though I had no idea who that was. I came across this director and thought, "This is who I need to reach out to." I reached out. I heard back about 4 months later. He sent me his email and said to email him. I did, and I never heard back. The inspiration felt complete at that time, so I let it go. Then, the inspiration came back and pestered me: "Hey, it's time again. Email this director." I emailed the director again, and I had a possibility to meet this person, but when I asked him if he wanted to meet on a specific day I heard nothing back. It felt complete, so I let it go. Again, I heard the inspiration coming back even more and more, much louder, and I said out loud, "OKAY! I GET IT! I'LL EMAIL HIM RIGHT NOW DAMMIT!" I followed up with him, and the director and I have scheduled a coffee hang this week. Super fun! I wonder where this inspiration will lead me next...

Cassie asks, How has your Future Self shown up the past few months.

Dave answers, Much more transparent with what he wants to do. I've seen him say things like, "Dude, you don't need this. You want this, but you don't need this." Heh

Cassie asks Dave to share some coaching that really made something "click"?

Dave shares this process:

If I'm feeling overwhelmed, feeling incredibly weird, and there are all sorts of old stories that I no longer agree with popping up and I'm playing whack-a-mole...

1. Give the old story the space to come out and be seen. It needs that. It won't be ignored anyways. 2. Neither indulge in the story or make it your own. It's untrue anyways.

3. Feel the feelings that fuel the old story, feel the feelings that come up, stay with the uncomfortable, and breathe.

4. Choose to live the new story AFTER the old ones have been given space and are fully in the past.

Then, I do lots of yoga. Always works...

The two discuss how adding in the movement of yoga is very powerful.

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