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Dec. 15, 2021

How to Save Money with Law of Attraction

How to Save Money with Law of Attraction
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Are you like me and couldn’t save money?  I always envied people who had money in their savings, I couldn't seem to save if my life depended on it.  I couldn't figure out the "why" of not being able to keep money in my savings.  

When I became aware of money stories along my journey and that I could change it, life began to change.  

I learned how to sit with my money before I spent it, then invest in what was inspired.  I remember when I was looking for a car for my son, I had put money in savings specifically for it, I only wanted to spend $1500, and I kept waiting for something to be inspired.  I looked online, you know, all the things when looking for a car, then I just set it down.  Then one day my ears perked up, I caught a portion of a conversation about a car being for sale, and I was hit with inspiration.  I knew this was it, it was easy, perfect for my son, and I got it lower than the asking price, $1250 and had money left over still in my savings.  

It was so fun!  

Now that I know how to sit with my money, I always have money in my savings to buy or do the things I truly want.  

You can hear more about how I learned to sit with my money in this interview...

I will guide you step by step so that you too can become someone with savings in their account.  OH, and while we’re doing that, you’ll be attracting more money into your life.  Get started now and pay me when money shows up!