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Jan. 11, 2023

How To Stop Resisting When You Are Manifesting Your Dream Life

How To Stop Resisting When You Are Manifesting Your Dream Life
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Their interview starts with Kimberly sharing that it’s awesome that she celebrated her 22 year wedding anniversary.

Kimberly reminds listeners that at the beginning of this journey that her husband moved out.

Kimberly shares how this is the best their marriage has ever been and she is the happiest she has ever been.

Cassie asks Kimberly to share one key to living your happiest relationship.

Then Cassie and Kimberly dive into a story about how Kimberly was resisting and break down what happened for listeners. Here’s how Kimberly described it before the interview, “Resistance was probably my biggest ah-ha since the last interview. I probably on some level was aware that I was, yet I needed a coach to call me on it. Resisting getting a job was blocking so many things. Even when I started to look for jobs, I could feel the resistance within me. I even took a job that felt soul-crushing. The interesting thing about that, the day before I was supposed to start, thanks to my son Dylan, I got a different job that gave me exactly what I needed/wanted. Each time I've wanted something different, I didn't realize until, after the fact, I had mentioned in passing something that I wanted to change in the future, was offered. I had talked about in a coaching call that I wasn't inspired by this job anymore, and what it actually was is that I wanted to change my hours, but didn't think to ask that. The very next day, I was offered to change my hours, which I am going to do after my vacation. So, resistance, what stories am I telling, and asking for what I want/need. I sometimes think I should know these things, and often I'm surprised when I do them again. One of the biggest reasons I know that as I grow, change, shift, I will always want a coach.”