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Dec. 21, 2022

How To Talk To Your Partner About Money

How To Talk To Your Partner About Money
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In this episode, Money Manifesting Coach Cassie Parks interviews Abundance Facilitator Kimberly Hite about her manifesting journey. They start the interview by sharing Kimberly’s money manifested total of over $315,000. Kimberly then shares the biggest secret to manifesting money. The biggest secret she shares is trust and not forcing it.

Cassie asks Kimberly what she means when she says the evidence is deeper now.

Then they celebrate the “It’s Happening” of Kimberly coaching her clients and helping them manifest more money. Kimberly shares how it’s all happening with coaching.

When you say that you're finding your voice, what does that mean?

Kimberly: That I am deciding what is true for me and sharing it.

Do you have to be vulnerable when you find and use your voice?

Yes, says Kimberly. It’s vulnerable to ask for what you want.

Kimberly shares how she wants to have money conversations with her husband now. She shows up differently by having a conversation instead of telling him what she is going to do.